Project Details

  • Location: Pl. Catalunya, Bärcelona.
  • Promotor: Hard Rock Café
  • Project Author: Fuse.
  • End Date: April 2013
  • Budget: 1.493.755 €

Hard-Rock Café, Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona

The extensive renovation of these premises was carried out in phases to keep the restaurant and at least one of the shops open during the entire process.

The whole area was redesigned to give the restaurant a new style/look, all fittings were changed and the famous Cadillac over the main bar was dismounted/parted. All electrical fittings were upgraded, including the air-conditioning system and the interactive network (audio-visual equipment and database). The kitchen and the central bar on the ground floor were entirely refurbished, as well as the restroom area and the dining room in the basement.                                                                                                


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